double_talk (double_talk) wrote,

Cups Jutting Outward

Cars over the surface. Lydia Lunch's orphans running through the bloody snow. I was hoping you'd marry this guy; I had really high hopes-you seemed happy, that's why. Some days. I'll give him a call and straighten him out for you. It vibrates, then rings. It echos. I can hear what I say after I say it. We're too close to each other. I'll tell you what, Socialism will work when there's robots-Robotic Socialism. Human Supremacist Feudalism. No tear ducts to cry about it and no vocal chords to yell. Nothing less than disappointing. Private calls for private moments. There's going to be some twist on it, some Socialist twist. You're being ridiculous. I got you there. Sew buttons. My mother used to say. I'm not that black. And me? He'll go after me. He'll just go after me because he doesn't like me personally. Everybody knows and everybody good in the world has started doing drugs: morphine to morph, to relax and have my heart beat a little slower for once. A smile? What's that? What's his number? Para-military squads to bother Colombians without the Venezuelan revolution. I hate it because it's universal. You'll admit I was not confusing them at all, loosely bound together. Rebound heavily. Not because he wants to, but because he has nothing better to do, ease the pain, to make things peaceful, slow my heart for once. 5 points. That's a big selling point for stars. I've always wondered this: what is the company? I hear that, I even hear thirty dollars an acre on the moon-novelty effects. Small amounts on Mars, of air, but not enough to breath, likely past better but not past worse. I think this is important although it has nothing to do with me. Remove Coke sign, use it as a sling for your pinkie if ever relevant. Save it for Washington. You personally made it so you cannot buy a gun? Rage issues when younger, you know. You're bourgeois, baby! Once a bourgeois, always a bourgeois! People with stars on their chests and moons and everything. What is this fascination with--there was wind in his arguments, sailboats coming out of his gaping maw. First and last, so enjoy it while it lasts. I'm firmly putting all of my faith in you. What makes me pure. Nothing quantitative or verifiable. She tried to lie to me about something. The sales prices weren't good enough, she wanted everything for free.
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