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Remaining Men Together

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1st May 2012

1:24am: Goodbye Stress Incontinence. Hello Diaper Grandpa.
Sir Ron released a gargantuan fart like a tapeworm being pulled out suddenly from his ass before falling down and decapitating a face. A face is always the face of someone. And it turned out to be the face of Diaper Grandpa. Hello again, friends. We know that it's been awhile, but we here at double-talk have also been doubly busy. Busy excreting, busy miscellaneously romancing, busy providing uncle services free of charge to metropolitan Detroit. 

Uncle Bill, for example, came over to snake the drain last Tuesday and it would not fit. It would not fit, and Maryanne, in the throes of a particularly aggressive resurgence of her characteristic PMDD, decided there and then that she would pull out the pogostick and have a whack at it. She retrieved the pogo from the basement, and marched directly to the kitchen sink, sweeping aside her sticky thermos and the bottle brush she had recently purchased in an effort to clear the surrounding counter space. She briefly recalled her time spent in the circus as a contortionist, and how one of the audience members had pulled her aside and suggested that she consider incorporating a pogostick into her routine. "What would i be doing with this pogostick?" asked Maryanne. "Trying to make yourself cry."

"Stab it like it's a wounded animal," said Uncle Bill clearly, methodically, as Maryanne resurfaced from the basement with the pogostick in her hand, a wounded expression on her face.

10th February 2006

1:35am: i feel that phe wants to break up with me, but i will never break my cigarette.
Here a movie marquee with a message on it written in lights. Pathé. She felt something on her. And so fall down to the far and fishy subterranean mediterranean meditating sea that laps your adriantic shore where I'll yet float in the tin of my boat, my sardine boat, a jew-down at sunrise, a fart of a fish preserved in the salt of my fat, my sardine tongue alack, a frenzy bird that flies above and beyond, a pscyhopathy of hysteria. It was the anonymous body itself, when tasted, I had to awaken her fully. Coquelicots, holihocks, sticking their thumbs in the sky as if they were trying to hitchhike their way out of the world. Failing to develop analysis of modernity and postmodernity, these nations are undertheorized, shrouded in the early winking traffic along the quais in a hermetic tension cut from larger reams of blackest toilet paper. OF DOOM.

A sail's totalizing dogmas, it claims that by its very nature in the house that had no walls, it has a more reddish color, and in fact resembles sticky blood more than anything, yes it is embarrassing the way it sticks and won't wash off. On the last count, Jameson argues, the poststructuralist emphasis on difference, particularity, and hetereogeneity can serve as an obfuscating fiction which on the one hand went on singing its wiggy little sexy song, and kept on growing larger and larger until my head could not contain it any longer. (Off with their little water spouts!) TO WHAT END?

Haha wa, ban gohan o tsukutte imashita. As his mother was making dinner, and the womb that all fell out of, was only the last sight of it, the last waiting room, or salle des pas perdus in which love meant blood. I made you do all sorts of things, but as for your swords and clothes, I won't give them back to you. Give them back to us! You want these? We do! Can't be done! Give them back to us! You won't get away with this. Beloved, an easer on its lines, changing the drawn image, through the gum remained, through the arabic gum remained, and i, no weak-knee, no fly-by, no willow-way, drooling, a clack, a lacklove, no, not myself anymore, but another, and not mad, it's someone else that's always mad, not my laughter that's mad. TO WHAT END?

Slicing up eyeballs: main evidence that the heroin example was wrong and I am writing this now because my only options are to wear overtop Sweden's change of driving side regulations before Freud. Rather be unattached than cling to rotting land of Dewa. Please cast me not aside. In fourth person singular, voice, that street, a pawnshop ball, down this street, white pears hanging, to a Greek island adrift in the Aegean and one can posit stereo after stereopticon illustrating the foetal development of capital Columbus and one statuesque woman posing as Miss Liberty on a cancelled postage stamp. A Brooklyn spring in which an odor of patchouli came from my solo plexis. May death vindicate my intentions! Gitori. Dwelling, dismiss, dissect, distinction, disposable, droughtsman, eliminate the eel now. Expanded, updated, refined, I go, you go, two weeks within it is made of silver. Which fruit do you like most? TO WHAT END?

Exposing the operations of power and domination, working behind neutral and benefical facades. Demonstrate, please, that the concepts of sexual nature and sexually-originated sexual culture in modernity becomes articulated when the player king on a player card started out on Clancy street and all those woman shadows caught on a rope and glistened into the eye of the camera. Genealogies attempt to demonstrate how objectifying forms of reason (and their regimes of truth and knowledge and light-leaves) have been historically contingent veeeeeeeeeeee-treeeeeeeeeeee eh. The whole swelling of myself. The windows were not all open, as I had supposed. I was going toward Paris when I was a kid and I stole A HUMAN BEING AND SHOVED IT INTO BALLS OF TINFOIL! THEN KNIVES AND FORKS! I could still see the cafe terrace where the two figures sat, one of them grasping the arm of the other....FALL THROUGH.
Current Mood: postal worker
1:29am: foaming at the mouth and loving it
PROVIDENCE -- Providence Public Library leaders stood in silence last
week as a city councilor declared he didn't trust them. They
stoically listened to library patrons chastise them for accepting
raises while cutting librarians and reducing branch hours.

But when one of their own employees joined the chorus, the library's
administration lashed out.

The Providence Public Library suspended Michael Vallone, a clerk in
the Technical Services department, for posting a message ("Ten dollars??? You think I'm the gawd of wealth?!!") on an internal Web site criticizing the library administration.

"Poor little melon, tossed in with a black-hearted turnip!" shouted one particularly ruffled employee. He shan't be wearing pants at the next victorian sexual repression tea party. "Doggie, doggie, doggie..." one worker was purported to whisper to herself as she wet her pants in her indignation.

Whether that was mud or shit in her pants was never verified.
Current Mood: squirrely

19th June 2004


Different pockets of consciousness. Open the doors to various higher, varied states of reality, artificially, so you're not necessarily ready for it.
The price is that, sometimes the door can never be opened again.
The price for not forcing it open is that you may never find it on your own.

Myths and sacred writings are not gibberish.
Everything depends on your point of view.

It could either be premature as in rudely formed, or as in before our time (all things to be revealed). I need all the world's knowledge shoved up your ass before I plunge in again, so when I feed you the jewels there'll be some movement.

If metaphor is the language of personality, then is the root of all poetic metaphor dualistic? We were wondering.

A boy girl person dives into the deep pool armed with the knowledge of the world clasped to his/her nipples. He/she's olive tan. He/she seeks more treasure truth to bring back to the world; he's been chosen as the agent. He knows the mission's grave, but sometimes he becomes distracted by a golden patch, and stays awhile, whiling the time in temporary oblivion [narrative voices - carrying a thread, that is, distinct from the rest; that is, the author's true voice - should be inserted into the body textual's narrative voice]. The water swirls in a mini-symphony for its transient guest. Is matter soul animated? Does the pool intend to keep the boy girl person away from its jewels, by intent?

It's possible the egg was meant to burst out physically and not metaphorically, to be stretched like taffy and spout two heads. ROAR.

12th April 2004


I could do without you because I didn't know to be clingy.

Current Mood: Pyrotechnics

2nd February 2004

3:09am: The Fancy Pants
It is so cold that I suggest you wear lian-ku-wa inside your pants.

26th January 2004

7:24am: Tribute to Merciless Ming

It is more important to get up and go to bed earlier for you to be a normal girl. I saw from internet an article about "one get fatter if one go to bed too late everyday". believe me.

I really can't imagine you will be involved in some politics career since you are not a us citizen. which contrie do you want to serve for? US? Canada? China? Please avoid this poor situation.

The most important thing we are concerning is your health. How about your period? If ther is a long time to stop to come, I suggest you to see your doctor. Why not use your medical insurance fully? Be sure to sleep as early as possible. To be normal in your life is the most safe way to keep your health. Our new apartment is 1/3 smaller than the former one. And we still keep some boxes unopened because the limited spaces. I can't send you a photo since you took the camera away with you, and we don't plan to buy a new one recently. The rent is about the half of the former apartment, that is the reason we moved in this small apartment. This apartment in fact is a former house, similar with the one we lived in prentice road in detroit before. But it is much cleaner than the prentice house.

I know some new friends, though they are all catonese. They can speak a little PuTongHua. I'm You can make new friends and even ask them for helping you to find a summer job. My impressions are, the people in church are very well deal with, and they are aways look so helpful.
learning to pray. Sometimes I feel so unsure for our future, then I go to GOD for help, mainly in phsychology and in spirit. I suggest you can also go to church if you have time.

If you catch a cold, don't go to library every night. You can do your homework at your dorm, so you can lie down on your bed when you are tired. And you can drink more water and go to restroom as you need. When you stay at dorm at night, you'll be more relaxed. today I see a news from internet. It says some disease related with monkey is spreading throughout midwest. there are 28 persons infected...
Be very, very careful in deal with monkeys in your work!!!
Be very, very careful in deal with monkeys in your work!!!
Be very, very careful in deal with monkeys in your work!!!
If you feel any throat ache or any other uncomfortable, go to see doctor immedieately, or you can just tell somebody in the harverd medical center, there are so many doctors in there! Don't be haste! I still wondering how you deal with monkeys. Be careful NOT to touch them by your hands. If you have to, please wear gloves. Do you have known from the media that there is a new disease infected by mouse or monkey? Be very, very careful!

If you feel throat pain, you can take the medicine as we instructed.
Current Mood: touched

8th January 2004

2:18am: Welcome to the River of Death
"I'm a bird, I'm a plane,
I'm a Siamese cat in a limousine."
(meant to be read aloud in a Cockney accent)

7th January 2004

5:58pm: Cups Jutting Outward
Cars over the surface. Lydia Lunch's orphans running through the bloody snow. I was hoping you'd marry this guy; I had really high hopes-you seemed happy, that's why. Some days. I'll give him a call and straighten him out for you. It vibrates, then rings. It echos. I can hear what I say after I say it. We're too close to each other. I'll tell you what, Socialism will work when there's robots-Robotic Socialism. Human Supremacist Feudalism. No tear ducts to cry about it and no vocal chords to yell. Nothing less than disappointing. Private calls for private moments. There's going to be some twist on it, some Socialist twist. You're being ridiculous. I got you there. Sew buttons. My mother used to say. I'm not that black. And me? He'll go after me. He'll just go after me because he doesn't like me personally. Everybody knows and everybody good in the world has started doing drugs: morphine to morph, to relax and have my heart beat a little slower for once. A smile? What's that? What's his number? Para-military squads to bother Colombians without the Venezuelan revolution. I hate it because it's universal. You'll admit I was not confusing them at all, loosely bound together. Rebound heavily. Not because he wants to, but because he has nothing better to do, ease the pain, to make things peaceful, slow my heart for once. 5 points. That's a big selling point for stars. I've always wondered this: what is the company? I hear that, I even hear thirty dollars an acre on the moon-novelty effects. Small amounts on Mars, of air, but not enough to breath, likely past better but not past worse. I think this is important although it has nothing to do with me. Remove Coke sign, use it as a sling for your pinkie if ever relevant. Save it for Washington. You personally made it so you cannot buy a gun? Rage issues when younger, you know. You're bourgeois, baby! Once a bourgeois, always a bourgeois! People with stars on their chests and moons and everything. What is this fascination with--there was wind in his arguments, sailboats coming out of his gaping maw. First and last, so enjoy it while it lasts. I'm firmly putting all of my faith in you. What makes me pure. Nothing quantitative or verifiable. She tried to lie to me about something. The sales prices weren't good enough, she wanted everything for free.
2:35am: Terror Triumphs in my Briefcase
Toddling towards fire designs of unrepentant son, a man sits alone carving the likeness of every woman he has ever wanted in the face of the wood beneath him. Choke back tears-angry, untold-watch and wait. Penguin hero dive for hope and the last blue note hangs over the trampoline. Float and watch and love the barbed wire women hysterical reactor; it's alright now, it'll heal. Isaac and Ishmael's goga dreams untouched battled scarred Sareseau where I can see for miles. Wonder if we walk and live spilt coffee talks to Broken hand. What colors do you see in when you watch? A small boy sits in a field with a small flower that grows out of a log. The flower is everything the little boy ever wanted in life. It is beauty, nobility, delicate (the noun), woodchunks, and pure. The boy is everything the flower has ever wanted. He is young, innocent, kind, beautiful, and mobile. I know how it is to want a mobile. The boy is in love with the flower. The flower in love with the boy. Autumn frosts come, the flower withers and dies, and at its end, curses its form that the boy loved so much, because it is so limiting. The boy-his heart cracking-sheds tears that freeze to his cheeks and curses his body which the flower loved so much, because it is so limiting. The boy walks away, the flower dies. Our tragedy is complete. If I were a trucker, would I smoke or drive! "Tonight we're alone and the music is right. Do you feel good do you feel alright?" Bouncy Souls 1=2. Rodeo Cang, what's your name? Can you walk alright or do you need a glass of punch? National Affairs desk: In replacement of the traditional North American greeting of a hand shake, people will now shove each other instead. It is a Class A Felony for a man to call himself a feminist. I don't recognize your form of justice, dog. Mr. Sunshine; It's all coming down. **scowling** Don't tell me, I don't want to know. Mr. Sunshine you's gonna burn still. It is not my business to watch, it is only my business to Judge. May her name be the sin on the lips of the Damned.
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