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foaming at the mouth and loving it

PROVIDENCE -- Providence Public Library leaders stood in silence last
week as a city councilor declared he didn't trust them. They
stoically listened to library patrons chastise them for accepting
raises while cutting librarians and reducing branch hours.

But when one of their own employees joined the chorus, the library's
administration lashed out.

The Providence Public Library suspended Michael Vallone, a clerk in
the Technical Services department, for posting a message ("Ten dollars??? You think I'm the gawd of wealth?!!") on an internal Web site criticizing the library administration.

"Poor little melon, tossed in with a black-hearted turnip!" shouted one particularly ruffled employee. He shan't be wearing pants at the next victorian sexual repression tea party. "Doggie, doggie, doggie..." one worker was purported to whisper to herself as she wet her pants in her indignation.

Whether that was mud or shit in her pants was never verified.
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