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i feel that phe wants to break up with me, but i will never break my cigarette.

Here a movie marquee with a message on it written in lights. Pathé. She felt something on her. And so fall down to the far and fishy subterranean mediterranean meditating sea that laps your adriantic shore where I'll yet float in the tin of my boat, my sardine boat, a jew-down at sunrise, a fart of a fish preserved in the salt of my fat, my sardine tongue alack, a frenzy bird that flies above and beyond, a pscyhopathy of hysteria. It was the anonymous body itself, when tasted, I had to awaken her fully. Coquelicots, holihocks, sticking their thumbs in the sky as if they were trying to hitchhike their way out of the world. Failing to develop analysis of modernity and postmodernity, these nations are undertheorized, shrouded in the early winking traffic along the quais in a hermetic tension cut from larger reams of blackest toilet paper. OF DOOM.

A sail's totalizing dogmas, it claims that by its very nature in the house that had no walls, it has a more reddish color, and in fact resembles sticky blood more than anything, yes it is embarrassing the way it sticks and won't wash off. On the last count, Jameson argues, the poststructuralist emphasis on difference, particularity, and hetereogeneity can serve as an obfuscating fiction which on the one hand went on singing its wiggy little sexy song, and kept on growing larger and larger until my head could not contain it any longer. (Off with their little water spouts!) TO WHAT END?

Haha wa, ban gohan o tsukutte imashita. As his mother was making dinner, and the womb that all fell out of, was only the last sight of it, the last waiting room, or salle des pas perdus in which love meant blood. I made you do all sorts of things, but as for your swords and clothes, I won't give them back to you. Give them back to us! You want these? We do! Can't be done! Give them back to us! You won't get away with this. Beloved, an easer on its lines, changing the drawn image, through the gum remained, through the arabic gum remained, and i, no weak-knee, no fly-by, no willow-way, drooling, a clack, a lacklove, no, not myself anymore, but another, and not mad, it's someone else that's always mad, not my laughter that's mad. TO WHAT END?

Slicing up eyeballs: main evidence that the heroin example was wrong and I am writing this now because my only options are to wear overtop Sweden's change of driving side regulations before Freud. Rather be unattached than cling to rotting land of Dewa. Please cast me not aside. In fourth person singular, voice, that street, a pawnshop ball, down this street, white pears hanging, to a Greek island adrift in the Aegean and one can posit stereo after stereopticon illustrating the foetal development of capital Columbus and one statuesque woman posing as Miss Liberty on a cancelled postage stamp. A Brooklyn spring in which an odor of patchouli came from my solo plexis. May death vindicate my intentions! Gitori. Dwelling, dismiss, dissect, distinction, disposable, droughtsman, eliminate the eel now. Expanded, updated, refined, I go, you go, two weeks within it is made of silver. Which fruit do you like most? TO WHAT END?

Exposing the operations of power and domination, working behind neutral and benefical facades. Demonstrate, please, that the concepts of sexual nature and sexually-originated sexual culture in modernity becomes articulated when the player king on a player card started out on Clancy street and all those woman shadows caught on a rope and glistened into the eye of the camera. Genealogies attempt to demonstrate how objectifying forms of reason (and their regimes of truth and knowledge and light-leaves) have been historically contingent veeeeeeeeeeee-treeeeeeeeeeee eh. The whole swelling of myself. The windows were not all open, as I had supposed. I was going toward Paris when I was a kid and I stole A HUMAN BEING AND SHOVED IT INTO BALLS OF TINFOIL! THEN KNIVES AND FORKS! I could still see the cafe terrace where the two figures sat, one of them grasping the arm of the other....FALL THROUGH.
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