double_talk (double_talk) wrote,

Terror Triumphs in my Briefcase

Toddling towards fire designs of unrepentant son, a man sits alone carving the likeness of every woman he has ever wanted in the face of the wood beneath him. Choke back tears-angry, untold-watch and wait. Penguin hero dive for hope and the last blue note hangs over the trampoline. Float and watch and love the barbed wire women hysterical reactor; it's alright now, it'll heal. Isaac and Ishmael's goga dreams untouched battled scarred Sareseau where I can see for miles. Wonder if we walk and live spilt coffee talks to Broken hand. What colors do you see in when you watch? A small boy sits in a field with a small flower that grows out of a log. The flower is everything the little boy ever wanted in life. It is beauty, nobility, delicate (the noun), woodchunks, and pure. The boy is everything the flower has ever wanted. He is young, innocent, kind, beautiful, and mobile. I know how it is to want a mobile. The boy is in love with the flower. The flower in love with the boy. Autumn frosts come, the flower withers and dies, and at its end, curses its form that the boy loved so much, because it is so limiting. The boy-his heart cracking-sheds tears that freeze to his cheeks and curses his body which the flower loved so much, because it is so limiting. The boy walks away, the flower dies. Our tragedy is complete. If I were a trucker, would I smoke or drive! "Tonight we're alone and the music is right. Do you feel good do you feel alright?" Bouncy Souls 1=2. Rodeo Cang, what's your name? Can you walk alright or do you need a glass of punch? National Affairs desk: In replacement of the traditional North American greeting of a hand shake, people will now shove each other instead. It is a Class A Felony for a man to call himself a feminist. I don't recognize your form of justice, dog. Mr. Sunshine; It's all coming down. **scowling** Don't tell me, I don't want to know. Mr. Sunshine you's gonna burn still. It is not my business to watch, it is only my business to Judge. May her name be the sin on the lips of the Damned.
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